— Check-in: 4:00

— Check-out: 10:00 am —

Guest Policies

Check-in/Check out

Check-in starting at 4 pm. Check out is 10:00 am so we can be ready for our next guests.

Additional guest/visitors and rates

All our guests’ privacy is important to us. All acquaintances, friends, family, wine tour pick-ups, taxis, Ubers that are visiting paying guests or entering the ranch must be approved by owners. Knowing who is here helps us secure our guests’ safety. All visitors must be off property by 9 pm. Any overnight stays will be charged accordingly. Our rates are based on single or double occupancy only - maximum of 2 persons per bedroom, no exceptions.

Minimum Nights

We ask for a two-night minimum. If there are open rooms in our smaller stone guest houses we will consider a one night stay on WEEKDAYS only. This option is not available in the Barnhouse.


Negligent damages found to be the responsibility of a guest will be assessed and charged to the guest. Please report all spills and/or damages to TimberRose property.

No Smoking and noxious odors

We are a non-smoking B&B. Smoking is permissible outside on patios, we have provided a sand pot to dispose of your butts in. For the safety and comfort of our guests and livestock, we do not allow fireworks, candles or incense burning in our guest houses or on the grounds. Smoke and unusually strong or noxious odors left by guest from cooking (garlic, etc.) or scented items that do not clear after regular venting through windows and open door, will be charged a minimum of $250 fee + any lost reservations or additional expenses to provide other guests with acceptable accommodations while we return any room to original status.

No Children Policy

We have a NO CHILDREN policy.TimberRose is regarded as a quiet escape and romantic getaway for most of our guests, and we work hard to foster that environment.

Service Animal Policies

TimberRose has a NO PET policy.The ADA makes a distinction between psychiatric service animals and emotional support animals. If the dog has been trained to sense that an anxiety attack is about to happen and take a specific action to help avoid the attack or lessen its impact, that would qualify as a service animal. However, if the dog’s mere presence provides comfort, that would not be considered a service animal under the ADA.

Service animal rules

Thank you for prior notice of your service animal. Legitimate service animals are welcome at our guest houses.

As a farm/ranch/livestock producer we have certain rights and requirements of service animals.

Your service animal must be leashed and with or under handlers control at all times unless the leash interferes with the animals duty. Your animal is restricted to your guest house yard that you have reserved. Waste pick up is required, bags and a pail will be provided for disposal. Natural predator/prey relationships can upset farm animals or potentially be a source of disease transmission. The service animal is not allowed in livestock pastures, or livestock enclosures or our business’s food preparation facilities/kitchen. We are not responsible for the safety of your animal outside of restricted area. We are in a rural location and wild natural predators do exist.

If the service animal is behaving in a way that indicates they are not under the control of their handler, or if the handler is unable to control the animal, you may be asked to leave. Examples of this type of behavior would be: urination, marking, or defecation in the restricted areas, excessive barking, or aggressive behavior.

Reservations Policies

To secure your reservation, the reservation is charged in full to your credit card at the time you make the reservation. You will receive written confirmation and a receipt.

We do not hold reservations.

A credit card and relative information will be taken for every reservation and kept on file regardless of method of final payment.

Holidays, special local events & seasonal times of year may require a minimum stay of 3 nights.

Cancellation Policies

We do not overbook rooms. When we reserve a room for you, we agree to turn away all other requests for the room you select and guarantee to hold it for the nights you reserved. Please confirm your plans prior to making your reservation. We are a small B&B, and cancellations and/or requests for rescheduling affect us significantly. We cannot be responsible for rooms due to late or canceled airline flights, family emergencies, illnesses, bad weather or any travel-related mishaps or changes in plans which may shorten your stay. While we do empathize, we must maintain our policy. Insurance is available to protect against any unexpected events through such companies as travelguard.com. We are unable to make exceptions to our cancellation policy.

No refund for cancellation under 16 days from reserved dates.

50% refund will be made if canceled between 17 to 29 days of the reserved dates.

Full refund if canceled 30 days prior to reserved dates.

Any changes must be made 30 days before the reservation date. A $50 fee per room is assessed for all changes to the reservation, other than adding guests or room nights, and will appear as a cancellation/processing fee.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Timberrose Ranch and its Affiliates collects, uses, consults or otherwise processes an individual’s Personal Data. This Privacy Policy applies globally, but depending on where you live some specific provisions of this Privacy Policy may not apply to you.

In some of the situations described in this Privacy Policy, the 3rd Party Booking Service where you made a booking will also process your data. TimberRose will be solely responsible for the processing activities for which it is the sole Controller.

We may use the information we collect, including Personal Information and usage data for the following: to enable You to use our reservation and booking service, to process information you provide, including verifying that your email address is active and valid, and to process your payment transactions; to provide customer care, including responding to your questions; for internal business purposes, such as to improve our services; to contact you with administrative communications, to comply with regulatory and legal obligations.

When you link from this Website to another Website our Privacy Policy is no longer in effect. Your browsing and interaction on any other Website, including Websites which have a link on our Website, is subject to that Website’s terms, conditions and policies.

You have the right to access, review, and rectify your Personal Data. You may be entitled to ask us for a copy of your information, to review or correct it if you wish to rectify any information like your name, email address, or any other preferences, you can easily do so or by contacting us at timberrosebandb@gmail.com.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users and customers.

Booking Process

TimberRose uses ResNexus to provide online reservation services. When you click the reservation link you are leaving TimerRosebedandbreakfast.com and being redirected to ResNexus reservation application. ResNexus is a 3rd party application we use to provide professional booking services for you. They will process Personally Identifiable Information when you make a reservation with us. Your personal information is collected and stored to facilitate online reservations with our property. Basic information concerning your visit to this site is used by ResNexus to improve its service. Your data is never shared with unauthorized outside parties or sold.

ResNexus has complied with the foundation principles of GDPR from at least 2010 on and is proud to be GDPR compliant with regards to breach notifications, right to access, right to be forgotten, data portability, privacy by design, and data protection officers.

1. Booking process

In the context of the booking process – whether this takes place online on our website, through an online booking channel, via a travel agent, or calling us directly – we process your Personal Data for the purpose of (i) enabling you to reserve a room of your choice; (ii) verifying the availability and to administer the booking; (iii) sending you a booking confirmation; and (iv) sending you pre-arrival emails.

Processed data categories
Address, Booking details (including reservation number), Date of arrival and departure, Email address, First name / Last name, First name / Last name of adult co-guest(s), Payment card type, number and expiration date, and Telephone number.

Source of data

Depending on the booking mechanism used: Directly from you through the online booking form, through the online booking channel you used to make the booking, from your travel agent, from our telephone call directly with you.

Recipients of data

Booking providers involved in the (online) booking process, Email communications service provider.

2. Interrupted or incomplete online booking process (abandoned reservation).When you are booking online but for some reason are not able to finalize the booking, we process your Personal Data for the purpose of enabling you to easily continue the online booking process by sending you an email with a link to the online booking form, which is pre-filled on the basis of the data you had already provided in the form.

Gift Cards

We provide the opportunity to purchase certificates that can be redeemed for our Bed and Breakfast charges.

Purchasing a gift certificate
When you purchase a gift certificate online, we process your and, if applicable, the gift certificate recipient’s Personal Data for the purposes of managing and successfully completing your purchase of the gift certificate. If you are purchasing the gift certificate for another person, we will process additional Personal Data for the purpose of delivering the gift certificate to the recipient by email or by post.

Processed data categories

- First name / Last name, Payment card type, number and expiration date If a gift certificate is purchased online, in addition to the above, we will process your Address, Connection logs, Email address, and IP address

If you purchase the gift certificate for someone else and depending on the mode of delivery, we will also process the Address of the recipient, Email address of the recipient, name of the recipient, and Telephone number of the recipient.

Cookie Management

TimerRosebedandbreakfast.com uses tracking analytics to measure how users interact with our website. Cookies are the data related to your device browser, IP address and on-site activities; we use them to measure and report statistics about interactions with our website. Our Analytics service provider keeps this information for 2 years. We do not sell or rent data collected via our Website to other parties. We do not collect Personally Identifiable Information unless you make a reservation with us.

You may opt out of Cookie Collection by disabling cookies from your browser preferences, and change your cookie setting to blocked.

Note: Opting out of Analytic Tracking Cookies from your browser will NOT affect the availability of the complementary chocolate cookies in your room when you stay with us.

Health and Safety

TimberRose feels that as our guest your safety is of paramount importance to us! We have instituted the following measures:

All rooms are sanitized from top to bottom after guest departure, between the next guest's arrival. This means every surface, light switch, doorknobs, remotes, bedding, are sanitized before your arrival.

“About your upcoming stay” message will be issued to you before your expected arrival via text message to the cell number given to us. Check out will remain at 11 am to allow for a cleaning and disinfecting period to the guest house.

We do not offer breakfast. No one will be entering your room during your stay. Fresh towels and amenities will be placed in your room before your arrival.

These guidelines may change over time, however, we will ensure to keep you updated on our in-house procedures.